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Custom Clothing Tags

Custom Clothing Tags

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Get ready to flip the script on fashion branding with our custom clothing tags. These aren't your typical boring clothing tags; they're little conversation starters stitched to your apparel. Crafted from top-grade paper board, these tags have a tactile charm that's both earthy and luxe. Imagine each tag as a tiny stage where your brand sings its anthem, in hues and fonts that echo your style ethos. Whether you're spelling out care instructions or sharing your brand's origin story, these custom tags offer more than just a label—they're a snippet of your brand universe. Forget generic; go for iconic. Outfit your clothing line with tags as distinctive and memorable as the garments themselves. 

  • Size: 2 x 3.5 inch.
  • Corner Options: Rounded or square. 
  • Printing Capabilities: Full-color printing. 
  • Design Flexibility: Front and back. 
  • No Additional Fees: No set-up charges. 
  • Free Design Services: Complimentary. 

Production will not commence until you provide approval of artwork.

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