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Custom Paper Tubes

Custom Paper Tubes

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Jump into the world of standout packaging with our custom paper tubes! Think of them as the Rolls-Royce of containers—sleek, round, and undeniably classy. They've got the muscle to protect everything from your favorite lipstick shade to those artisanal cookies you can't get enough of. But the real magic? The endless ways you can make them 'so you.' Go bold with colors, subtle with designs, or anywhere in-between. Perfect for brands that like to think outside (or, in this case, inside) the box, these paper tubes aren't just containers; they're conversation starters. Choose custom printed paper tubes and let your brand's personality shine round and proud!

  • Size: Customizable. 
  • Printing Capabilities: Full-color printing. 
  • Design Flexibility: Front, back, top and bottom. 
  • No Additional Fees: No set-up charges. 
  • Optional Features: Inserts. 
  • Minimum: 100 tubes.
  • Free Design Services: Complimentary. 

Production will not commence until you provide approval of artwork.

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